Digital Anxiety Rejection Therapy

Digital Anxiety Rejection Therapy (2017)

Tinder and dating apps are weird. People see them in different ways. Among the many intersting social issues involved in these newer digital spaces, we tend to objectify others and also make ourselves subject to the same treatment. This piece explores the Tinderverse and forces it into something more tangible. I created 14 pieces of women live over a three hour period from my tinder account which was blown up on a TV screen. I priced them based on my perceived value of each woman on a 1-10 scale. Some of the documentation is help of gallery visitors using my camera labeled “document me.”


JoMar Visions, Houston, March 18, 2017

I swiped right on 12, left on two and matched with one.  I showed her the picture I made of her and she didn’t like it.